Brand awareness and exposure are both terms that you’ll hear quite often in the world of marketing and advertising. This is for good reason, they’re vital to the long term success and growth of your company. How can you sell a product if nobody knows who you are, or where you are? Every company wants to build its brand and get the word out. As a small or local business, you need to target your advertising and focus on building your brand among an audience who cares. Most advertising has gone digital, and in the process, tried and true methods have been mostly ignored by small businesses. Billboards are one of the methods that are often relegated into a bygone era, despite their effectiveness when used correctly.

A Captive Audience

As Americans, we’re exposed to literally thousands of advertisements a day. You probably haven’t even noticed how many advertisements are in your view right now. (Go ahead and count) We just ignore them. If an ad pops up on Hulu you get on your phone, people install an ad-blocker on their computers, or you change the radio station. These types of advertisements can be avoided and ignored. Billboards are right there in your field of view and you can’t look away. You have to keep their eyes on the road and on the billboard. The average Angelino last year spent 119 hours stuck in traffic. How much of that is going to be spent looking at your advertisement?

The Right Audience

What’s the point of spending money advertising to an audience that doesn’t care, can look away, or that wouldn’t be interested anyway? There’s no point and you’re wasting your money. This is money that you, as a small business owner, don’t have and can’t throw away. You have a brick and mortar store, what’s the point of running a wide-reaching advertising campaign for people who aren’t ever going to be in your area? Billboards allow you to circumvent this problem. The only people who can see it are the people already in the area! Who better to advertise to than people who are already close enough to buy? Billboards reach wide and they reach the right audience. You may receive business from an audience you hadn’t anticipated as a result.

Repetition Repetition Repetition

I’m willing to bet that you’ve experienced an ad before that seemingly popped up everywhere. It probably had an annoying jingle or obnoxious introduction. You just couldn’t get away from it and as a result, you decided that you’re never going to buy it because the ad became incredibly annoying overtime. There’s no chance of that happening when you have a billboard. That’s because a billboard is one of the best types of advertising, in that it’s not intrusive. You’re not getting in anyone’s way to advertise to them, you’re not demanding that they stop the day and pay attention, and you’re not taking up their time. Your adjust exists as part of their lives. They see you every day when they go to and from work. They’re exposed to your message multiple times a day, and not annoyed by its constant presence. Get your message out there and reach people.

Billboards Create Better Impressions

People are inundated with advertisements, and as a result, you have to find a way to make your advertisement stand out. Billboards are more unique than an online advertisement, combine that with the repetition of being seen daily on a commute, and the advertisement you’re running is more likely to create an impression on someone. Billboards are real and create a real impression that something digital that just goes away can’t or often doesn’t.

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Billboards are Effective

There’s no better way to say it than to say that billboards are effective. They might seem expensive in comparison to digital marketing, but they are still highly effective. In an advertising study performed by Diane Williams in 2017, we see some very interesting numbers.

  • 61% of those surveyed said billboards were a good way to learn about a new business.
  • 65% of people noticed a billboard directing them to a nearby store or restaurant.
  • 56% agreed that billboards stand out more than online advertisements.
  • 55% changed their plans to visit a new store or restaurant after seeing a billboard.
  • 40% of people visited an advertised business.
  • 24% of people made a purchase at the business advertised.



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