You still need a business card. It doesn’t matter if you’re a working professional, a small business, or anything in between. A business card is still essential in 2020 to grow your business, expand your brand, and market yourself as someone capable of performing the job you’re advertising. Over and over again, we’ve seen that the majority of people still believe a business card is important, and here are the ten reasons why you still need a business card.

1. Contact Details Made Easy

Despite how it seems, not everyone has a smartphone, even in the professional world. You can’t rely on digital exchanges when conducting in-person meetings. They might not have the means or the patience to stand around and exchange digital information. There’s also the chance you just get lost in the contact details folder of their phone. Make a card and hand it to a potential client. There’s no better way to network.

2. Your Personal Touch

A business card is doing more than just advertising your business. It’s also advertising for you. The design on your card should be attention-grabbing and stand out while ensuring that you’re represented effectively. Let your card do the work for you.

3. A Better First Impression

When you shake someone’s hand, you’re building the case for you and your company. You’re constructing the only first impression you’ll get with them. Why not make it as strong as possible? One of the best ways to do that is to have a business card that makes as strong an impression as you do.

4. Consideration for Other Cultures

Other cultures, outside the United States, place a larger emphasis on business cards. For instance, in Hong Kong, it’s considered quite rude to not give your business card in return when one is offered to you. Japan places similar importance on business cards, as they’re a direct reflection of your business.

5. Direct Marketing Tools

Business cards are not just a way to give your email or phone number. They aren’t just a substitute for contact details on your phone, even though they used to go to the Rolodex. They are a marketing tool, and you should treat them as such. Be sure you have an attention-grabbing design that reflects your business. None of it will matter if your card gets lost in the pile of other cards a potential client received at a networking event.

6. Easy Referrals

A business card is incredibly easy to share. There’s no need for cumbersome swapping of contact details. They can just pass off your card. This is one of the great benefits of having business cards in circulation. People pass them around, and you may get a call from someone you’ve never met as a result

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7. Building Trust

You don’t need me to tell you how competitive the market is right now. Building trust between a customer and your business is essential. A business card lends legitimacy to your business and helps you gain trust with clients you haven’t even worked with yet.

8. Networking Tools

The majority of networking is done online these days, and that makes in-person networking all the more important. When you network in person, you need business cards. They make it easy when you’re face to face. Just hand them the card, and then you can talk about what’s important. This is a great alternative to fighting with digital devices that might not be compatible to share contact information.

9. They’re Inexpensive

Comparatively speaking, there’s almost no better marketing tool for your business. This is especially true when you consider how low the investment cost is compared to the potential return. The value is tremendous and can’t be overlooked. With just a few dollars, you can ensure that you make the best first impression. Get your contact details out there and advertise yourself to the world one person at a time.

10. There are No Downsides

When it comes to business cards there are next to no downsides. A poor business card will not be as effective as a great card but it will still be better than if you had nothing. There’s no downside to speak of when it comes to having a business card for almost any project or business you’re working on.


A business card is still vital for marketing and networking your business or yourself. Having them on hand for a networking event, or even just to have in your briefcase or your wallet is vital to making important connections. If you’re trying to get a business card make sure you work with the right company that offers printing services in Los Angeles. At Perfect Image Printers, we provide business card printing in Los Angeles so that you can make the right first impression.