With the large growth in the use of digital marketing, many forget to use print services which can come in handy to make your business more professional and help with outreach. A mix of both digital marketing and traditional marketing is a great option for many businesses, big and small. There are many different uses of print services that can benefit your business, I will list here some options you should consider today.

Business cards

Professional-looking business cards are a huge essential to elevate your business. There are many places you can pass out your business cards. You can give it to someone you met while out who seems interested in your products or services, pass them out at your booth at conventions, and pass them out at the office/location of your store. When people receive a business card, it makes the place more professional. They can then share the card with friends or family members who seem interested or they think would benefit from it. It is also a great way for them to know how to reach you to learn more about your business if they are interested.

Customized Packaging

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes make my buying decision with the packaging. If it is not unique, too dull, or too out of brand, it deters me from buying the product. That is why you should customize your packaging. There are many different packaging forms you can create. There is ought to be an option that you can use for your business.

Some custom packaging you could purchase, depending on your business, include custom boxes for your product, packaging sleeves, custom bags, custom wrapping paper, custom labels, and many more. These will elevate your customer’s experience and add a touch of personality to the products instead of having blank or an extremely common packaging.

You can even customize packaging for events that your business plans. One way is to customize your event’s food packaging or packaging for other items. The customization will make everything sleeker and give your business more credibility. Guests will be impressed that you put that much more effort into the event. It helps make it more obvious who is running the event or that booth in case guests did not realize it before.

Posters/ signs

There are many uses for signs and posters for many types of businesses. You can use large posters at your storefront and inside the store. These can show different options of your products or services to add personalization to your store. It can also help add a pop of color while still being on theme with your brand.

These can also be used locally in your neighborhood and in surrounding cities to advertise your store. This is a great way to share when your store is opening or if you are having a sale.

Window graphics

WIndow graphics are adhesive signs like large stickers and can be used for a variety of businesses. You can use window graphics as an advertisement for your company or for an event you are having like a sale. These can show a new line of products and are most commonly used to show clothing. They can also be used to show items on your menu if you have a restaurant, and show the foods. This is a great way to make your store look sleeker and organized especially if there is a lot going on in-store. They can also be largely transparent if you want people to see what is going on inside like a hair or nail salon.


There are many different types of billboards since digital billboards have become more common in recent years. However, regular billboards are still around and could be of great benefit for your business. You could design the billboard graphics and get them printed out at Printing in Los Angeles or a local printing service store.


A banner is another type of advertisement that you can use for your business. These are slimmer and can be placed in multiple locations.

These can be placed in:

  • Streets or sidewalks in your local neighborhood
  • Store window
  • Booth at convention sign or tradeshow
  • Inside your store on display

These can also bring a pop of color and advertise any sales or special events. Since they are typically used outdoors on street poles, they are usually water-resistant and very durable. Banners are a great way to bring traffic into your store and to show your business’s personality with your brand colors or theme.

Personalized letters, envelopes, and cards

A personalized letter with your business logo, name, or other design that resonates with your business is a great print item to have for year-round use. You can get the front printed and leave the inside blank, or add something to it. It is a nice touch to have it blank so you are able to personalize it directly for your customers and send it to them on their birthday, or anniversary of them becoming your client or customer. This would build brand loyalty and will show them you care about them and value their service with them. If they have not made a purchase from you in a while it may remind them how much they like your business and make a purchase, especially since you are building a community with them.


The personalized letters and cards can also be sent for other occasions. A personalized envelope would look amazing with the cards and also add personality, plus stand out from other items they receive in the mail.


There are many more print items you can purchase to elevate your business, these are just a couple of items to consider. Research Printing in Bunker Hill or other print shops near you to look at their different options for services that best fit your business needs and budget. Many of these will help elevate the look of your business and even bring new customers through advertising.